Business, Management & Technology Education For Today

While creating IndicThreads Education courses, we studied several business, technology & management courses across many reputed institutions. We were shocked (& pleased as they keep our biz relevant) to see that almost all these courses were at least 5-10 years behind time.

Most were driven by ‘academics’ who have been teaching pretty much the same stuff for ages. With due respects to these courses & people, we have ventured to create courses for 2010. We teach topics that are relevant today and the teaching comes from people from the industry who have been there & done that and not just read about it.

While traditional courses are designed to last for decades, our courses are designed to become outdated in a year. Honestly, in today’s rapidly changing social & business space, even 1 year seems like a long time to be teaching the same thing.

Survey Says Majority Of Employees Use Company Time For Social Networking

A recent survey by ASSOCHAM’s Social Development Foundation in India claims that close to 12.5% of productivity of human resources in the corporate sector is misappropriated each day since a vast majority of them while away their time accessing social networking sites during the office hours.

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IndicThreads Education @ IndicThreads Java

IndicThreads Education made a splash at the recently concluded 4th Conference On Java. IndicThreads Education posters featured at the conference and we got dozens of queries & inputs. Courses on social media & technology & IT security were felt to be the need of the hour for new age businesses. We agree! 🙂