Internet for Business Development


The Internet has transformed the way companies approach the key activities of business development and public relations. This has necessitated a rethink on questions such as – How does a company strengthen its presence in the market & create strong brands that connect across market segments? How does the company communicate & connect with its customers as well as the public at large? How does the company create & retain a loyal customer base?

Unfortunately traditional education imparted does not prepare students for leveraging the power of the Internet and find novel Internet centric solutions for the challenges that come up. This seriously weakens their potential to deliver value to their companies. Today’s business development and PR professionals hence often struggle to use the available technology resources and also end up spending many company hours & money experimenting on the job.
This course enables professionals to understand, learn and implement important Internet concepts in the world of business development and Public Relations under the guidance of our experienced faculty. It prepares the student to harness the power of technology and the Internet to deliver better sales, stronger brands & a larger customer base for the enterprise.

Students are expected to have basic knowledge of business processes and should be able to use the Internet.

Target Audience: Business Development professionals, Students of management degrees, Entrepreneurs.

: 2.5 months
Days: Tuesdays & Fridays
Time: 6.30PM to 8.30PM

Course Contents

  1. Internet For Business – Overview
  2. Concepts – Browsers, Search Engines, Blogs & Podcasts
  3. Concepts – Video Sharing & Webinars
  4. Torrents – File Sharing & Collaboration (Google Docs,Wiki & WetPaint), Instant Messaging
  5. Planning your web presence & Online Brand Image
    • What are the various aspects to remember when planning your web presence?
    • What should your online brand image have?
    • What is the future-readiness you should display when planning?
    • Costs of setting up your web presence. Web 2.0 image.
  6. Online Advertising – Adwords etc. (how, where, how to target…) Types of advertising. Which advertising is right for your business? How to get your advertisements online?
    • The pros and cons of online advertising.
    • How to maximize the online advertising response.
    • Whom to target and what ads would work best for your needs.
    • CPC versus CPM. Branding advertising. Measuring response and audience metrics.
    • Case studies, best practices. Online advertising beyond Adwords. What are the do’s and don’ts and preparation of advertising online? Importance of creative and call-to-action.
  7. Introduction to Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter. Business Networking – LinkedIn
  8. Talking to customers. Leveraging Social Networks For Your Business / Brand / Product
    Facebook – Details of facebook pages, groups, advertising on facebook
    LinkedIn – Encouraging your teams to be on LinkedIn.
    Twitter – Building your twitter microblogs. What to post and what not to.
  9. Email Marketing – Newsletters
  10. Search Engine Optimization – Getting your news into Google News & other top news resources (BusinessWire)
    • SEO myths versus facts.
    • What to target when you are implementing SEO.
    • Website set-up to maximize SEO. Cashing in on SEO.
  11. Your website as a marketing and PR medium
    • A marketing refresher – basics of positioning, messaging, value proposition, differentiation, marketing campaign.
    • Why build an effective website?
    • How to promote your messages through your website
    • Tools and resources
  12. Connecting online & offline forms of marketing
    • Running a marketing campaign
    • Why online and offline marketing should complement each other as a part of the campaign?
    • Choosing an effective combination for your company
    • Tools and resources
  13. Planning for internet on mobiles & smart phones
  14. Analytics For Informed Decisions
  15. Online Reviews about your brand/ product

Internet for Business Development Course

  • Admissions Open – April 2010
  • Course Fees – Rs 12,500/-
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