Internet Entrepreneurship

Internet_Entrepreneurship_Indicthreads Entrepreneurship today has captured the imagination of the Indian youth. Students as well as professionals dream of getting out of jobs and working for themselves and of creating the next Google and EBay. To create an Internet business, the entrepreneur needs to have a huge amount of passion and enthusiasm. However, besides passion, the element that’s vital for the success of an Internet business is the indepth knowledge of how online businesses are conceptualized, created, popularized and monetized. While some business fundamentals stay the same for offline and online businesses, it is imperative that an entrepreneur understands how an Internet business is different and how to run it differently.

This course begins with helping the student find his/her true calling. It then takes the student through each step for building a business, defining the customer, understanding revenue potential, business risks, fiscal management and more. It equips the student with all the vital skills necessary to start and build an Internet based business venture. While the focus of the course is on Internet Business specific skills, it does cover some core business skills as well, that are vital to all businesses, offline & online.
Students are expected to have basic knowledge of business processes and should be able to use the Internet.

Target Audience: Established and budding entrepreneurs, Students of management degrees, Offline business owners who want to take their business online.

Duration: 3 months
Days: Mondays & Thursdays
Time: 6.30PM to 8.30PM

Course Contents

Module I : The what, why and how of being an Internet Entrepreneur

1 Who is an Internet entrepreneur? Why be an Internet entrepreneur?
2 Brainstorming & building an idea
3 What is a Business Plan? Start creating a Business Plan
4 Learn from those who have been there and succeeded at it. Interaction with successful entrepreneurs

Module II : Work on your idea

1 Business Models on the Internet
2 Industry and business environment analysis
3 Where does your business idea fit in?
4 Planning your web presence & content
5 Create a web presence for your idea
6 Presentation of your web site

Module III : Strengthening your web presence

1 How to handle Online Payment? What are the Delivery Modes?
2 Online Sales Of Product & Services.How do you sell your idea to others?
3 Website Promotion – Search Engine Optimization
4 Online Advertising
5 Online Networking Strategies to fuel business growth
6 Understanding & leveraging Social media for your business

Module IV : Understanding other critical business aspects

1 How to fund your business?
2 Company formation. Regulations, procedures, strategies
3 Accounting Primer
4 Financial Planning For Internet Businesses
5 India – International Tax Strategies
6 Laws Applicable For Sales & Financial Transactions
7 How do you talk to your customers? What steps to take to retain your customers? What is Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)?
8 Intellectual property & patents

Module V : Before you enter the exciting new world of entrepreneurship….

1 Startup pitfalls to watch out for
2 How to Lead and Build a Team?
3 Negotiating and communication skills
4 Business Expansion Strategies

Module VI : Exam Time
Presentation of business plan

Internet Entrepreneurship Course
  • Admissions Open – April 2010
  • Course Fees – Rs 16,000/-
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