How to Guard Against Social Engineering?

IndicThreads Education has scheduled a series of webinars for May 2010 and the first in the series is the following: How to Guard Against Social Engineering?. The webinar is free for all interested and all you have to do to participate is sign up for it. Enter your email & click on the Sign Up button in the widget below. Continue reading “How to Guard Against Social Engineering?”

Information Systems – Security & Compliance course – For Whom?

One of the common queries we get for the IS Security & Compliance Course is about the person being unsure of whether he/she is well-suited for a career in IS Security. Most are aware that IS Security & Compliance is a booming segment, with great demand from the industry. However there’s a lot of uncertainty on who should join the field, would it be too technical to handle, would they be able to grasp / cope with the technology involved.. etc? Continue reading “Information Systems – Security & Compliance course – For Whom?”

Google Likely To Exit China

Google Inc delighted free-speech advocates as it threatened to pull out of China over censorship and cyber attacks. Analysts said Google’s decision is tantamount to exiting the world’s largest Internet market, with more than 360 million users, since it is highly unlikely the Chinese government would allow Google to operate an unfiltered search engine.

src- economic times

Survey Says Majority Of Employees Use Company Time For Social Networking

A recent survey by ASSOCHAM’s Social Development Foundation in India claims that close to 12.5% of productivity of human resources in the corporate sector is misappropriated each day since a vast majority of them while away their time accessing social networking sites during the office hours.

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