Guide To Safe & Secure Passwords For The Internet Age

From buying your grocery to paying your electricity bill, these days you can simply log on to the Internet and do it all online. However the most important concern in these cases is security. While you buy your grocery or pay your electricity bill online, what steps have you taken to ensure that your credit card, your bank account, your email account & your laptop are all secure? Continue reading “Guide To Safe & Secure Passwords For The Internet Age”

Internet For Business Development – Why?

One of the questions I have been asked often since we launched IndicThreads Education is – Why have techies like us launched courses on Internet For Business Development, Internet Entrepreneurship & IT Security & Compliance? With our qualifications and background, courses on programming & software development topics were felt to be the more natural extension for IndicThreads. So why have we ventured into Business + Technology instead? Continue reading “Internet For Business Development – Why?”

Business, Management & Technology Education For Today

While creating IndicThreads Education courses, we studied several business, technology & management courses across many reputed institutions. We were shocked (& pleased as they keep our biz relevant) to see that almost all these courses were at least 5-10 years behind time.

Most were driven by ‘academics’ who have been teaching pretty much the same stuff for ages. With due respects to these courses & people, we have ventured to create courses for 2010. We teach topics that are relevant today and the teaching comes from people from the industry who have been there & done that and not just read about it.

While traditional courses are designed to last for decades, our courses are designed to become outdated in a year. Honestly, in today’s rapidly changing social & business space, even 1 year seems like a long time to be teaching the same thing.

5 Keys To Social Media Success

  1. Pay Attention to the Metrics – You can’t manage what you can’t measure.
  2. Scale Good Habits –  Match your structure, policy and guidelines to your organization size.
  3. Have Rules, But Trust People
  4. Creativity & Personality Trump Big Budget – Social media is definitely one of those areas in life where more money doesn’t always win.
  5. Listen Listen Listen – Focus on your customers.

Continue reading “5 Keys To Social Media Success”

IndicThreads Education @ IndicThreads Java

IndicThreads Education made a splash at the recently concluded 4th Conference On Java. IndicThreads Education posters featured at the conference and we got dozens of queries & inputs. Courses on social media & technology & IT security were felt to be the need of the hour for new age businesses. We agree! 🙂