Information Systems – Security & Compliance course – For Whom?

One of the common queries we get for the IS Security & Compliance Course is about the person being unsure of whether he/she is well-suited for a career in IS Security. Most are aware that IS Security & Compliance is a booming segment, with great demand from the industry. However there’s a lot of uncertainty on who should join the field, would it be too technical to handle, would they be able to grasp / cope with the technology involved.. etc?

So to clarify, the course is designed for students and professionals who aspire to pursue a career in the field of information security and IT risk management. As an information security professional, you need to understand the risk areas and suitable controls to mitigate IS related risks, which is the highlight of the course. No other similar course offered elsewhere covers these practical aspects of IS risk management and compliance.

Freshers with a BBA/ MBA in IT or an MCM or computer engineers will learn concepts related to information security. They will also get to understand nature of IT audits such as a SAS70 or SOX compliance for general computer controls in depth. This course stands out in that the students of this course will also understand audit aspects related to objectives, scope, planning and fieldwork in depth. They will also learn network and operating system risks, security features and controls.

CISA aspirants will find that this course will assist them to prepare for the certification. Sound theoretical knowledge coupled with IT audit experience is the key. Our course will enable students to start a career as an IT auditor or an information security professional. The course is especially important for Chartered Accountants who seek to shift to Information Systems Security and Audit.

Existing IT audit professionals can enhance their skill sets by undertaking this course.

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