Internet For Business Development – Why?

One of the questions I have been asked often since we launched IndicThreads Education is – Why have techies like us launched courses on Internet For Business Development, Internet Entrepreneurship & IT Security & Compliance? With our qualifications and background, courses on programming & software development topics were felt to be the more natural extension for IndicThreads. So why have we ventured into Business + Technology instead?

Why Internet For Business Development? has been online since 2004 and we have been hosting India’s top technology conferences since 2006. To promote IndicThreads and the IndicThreads Conferences, we have used and continue to use the Internet in every way possible. With our modest ad & marketing budgets, we do not have the luxury of putting hoardings on street corners or frontpage ads in newspapers.

So we have been in a way forced to wring every paisa we possibly could from online forms of marketing & promoting a business. We have used online ads, web marketing, social media, search enginess, web reviews, web PR… you name it, to promote IndicThreads. So over the years we have generated quite a resource pool of notes, dos & dont’s, tips & tricks on how to go about business development & marketing online.

Most modern Internet oriented businesses initially struggle to promote themselves online & have a tough time using the Internet for Business Development. They in the process lose valuable time & resources, often threatening their very existence. To add to that, most old world businesses have no clue about how they could leverage the Internet for business growth.

We felt this was a great segment where not only could we contribute our learning but also truly help businesses not just survive but propel forward in a short time & at minimal cost. So we created the course “Internet For Business Development”

It is targeted at all to whom business development & growth matters. So it could be a student of business, a business owner, a CEO or a marketing & BD executive. The learning from the course is certain to open new horizons for the participants.

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